installations / Festivals / Exhibitions:

2012       Athens Festival  2012: “Sons & Daughters”
              G.Kalavrianos, Sforaris Company

              14th International Documentary Festival, Thessaloniki:
              “The blind fisherman” - Audience Award

2011       Short Film Festival of Mykonos, Greece
              Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale Giuseppe Tucci:
              L’artista come il Rishi, Rome, Italy
              “Homo bulla: 18 days”  Video / installation
              by Melina Nikolaides

2011       Athens Festival 2011: “Rush”  Trio7d9 - dance
               Festival Heimspie 2010 Dampfzentrale – Bern, Switzerland

2007-8    “Heterotopies” X.Themeli. Videodance / installation
               Festival Heimspiel 2008, Dampfzentrale – Bern, Switzerland

2007       1st Biennale of thessaloniki :Heterotopies 
              “Brothel / I heard your voice through naked skin”

2004       Vagabond: Arts & Multimedia exhibition, Thessaloniki
              live solo show

2003       “Nightmares” VideoDance by Lydia Lithos Dance Theatre
              Director: K. Fourkiotis, Choreographer: F.Apostolou

               VideoDanceFestival project exchange winner
               Video Dance International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, Greece (2003)
               Festival Internazionate di Videodanza, Naples, Italy (2004)
               Dance on Camera Festival organized by the Dance Films Association,
               New York (2004)
               Buenos Aires - 8vo Festival International de Videodanza
               de Buenos Aires (2006)
               Los Angeles - Dance Camera West Film Festival (2006)
               Oxford - Oxford International Film Festival (2006)
               Cyprus - Film Festival of Cyprus (2007)

2003       Marat? Festival  barcelona, Espania
              “Tabledance” a Vis Motrix's dance part