modified dog

modified dog

Chrysanthos Christodoulou (composition, electronics, guitar, tenor sax)

Dimitris Dalezis (trumpet, percussion)

Dimitris Tatsis (electric guitar, effects)

Dimitris Tasoudis (drums, percussion, electronics)

Kallia Triantafyllou(visuals)

Iakovos Pavlopoulos (drums, percussion) 

Kleon Antoniou (electric guitar, effects)

Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (contrabass)

Konstantinos Velenis (drums, percussion)

Modified dog is an audiovisual collective which alters, transforms, and changes its formulation, depending on the needs of each live concert, performance/installation, project.

Modified Dog's sound combines diverse elements: digital/electronic equipment (laptops, synthesizers, pedal effects), instruments (trumpet, percussion, vocals, guitar, saxophone, drums) and recording (sampling) from various audio sources (speeches, city sounds, environmental sounds, scapes). Our compositions include forms and elements from minimalism, electronic music, jazz, experimental music and post rock. The simultaneous mix of various sources of lighting effects and 3D video-mapping projections creates a "cinematic" experience to each performance/installation.




Memories 21 - (thirsty leaves music) 2017

releases as basement:

on the run 7'' 33 rpm vinyl (morenews from nowhere/self released) 2011

on the run cd (self released) 2010


visuals by argyris marinopoulos  video by yiotis vrantzas


visuals by argyris marinopoulos  video by yiotis vrantzas


video by argyris marinopoulos